Retro Spotify Radio


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I picked up this old radio for £15 on ebay and thought it could make a nice starting point for my first proper electronics project. Originally sold for spare parts, the radio could not receive signals and was generally knackered. My plan was to give it a new lease of life, linking it up to Spotify via my iPhone/web browser.

The first step was to yank out the insides with a screwdriver, pliers and the backend of a hammer. I then gave the case a general clean up with washing up liquid and a splash of white spirit.

For the new innards I originally considered connecting a Spotify enabled Raspberry Pi using the PiMusicBox interface. After this proved unsuccessful however, I decided to switch to a more reliable direct Bluetooth connection. This was achieved using EhsMaes’s tutorial for Raspbian along with the following components for the Pi:

  • Raspberry Pi B+
  • 8GB SD Card
  • Bluetooth USB connector
  • USB mini wifi connector
  • Once the correct software was installed on the Pi, I "borrowed" a second-hand pair of speakers from a friend. In order to save on space inside the radio, I removed them from their outer casing and then cut and re-soldered the USB cord to a shorter length.

    Pi USB Speakers

    This project is still labeled as a work in progress. Further updates to come.